Sunday, August 21, 2005

New guest blogger -- Bonnie

Bonnie reports on something she made at home which sounds amazingly yummy........although since it's all about the epazote, we have confirmed something I have suspected for a while: that I Just Don't Know What It's All About. Which edition of Joy, Bonnie? I have to know to do a proper citation.

I made up this variation on potato pancakes this morning. It all
started when I discovered the potato I had cooked last night when I
opened the microwave to heat up some tea. I mashed it up in a bowl
with a beaten egg, minced half-a-bitty onion, salt & pepper, chili
powder, and some minced epazote tips I had clipped from the plant on
my deck. It's all, as it turns out, about the epazote. Patted the
batter down by halves in my low-heat cast iron griddle in olive oil,
let 'em cook till they were golden brown on both sides. Hint: don't
make them any bigger than your spatula, they'll go to pieces. I popped
them on my plate and finished with fresh-squeezed lime juice and
crumbled feta cheese. Num num num. It's a gobbler.

The chili powder, lime & feta idea came from a street vendor snack in
Oaxaca--kernelled corn steaming in its liquid & topped with the above
+ mayo. (What's with the mayo down there? In the market's torta stalls
they'd have gigantonormous vats of it, open, spatula standing at
attention. I skip the mayo.) I tried the chili powder/lime/feta atop
Joy of Cooking's corn fritters, too, and that's mighty fine.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger the grocer's daughter said...

Sounds quite yummy. I admit to finding potatoes in my microwave on occasion too :)

At 8:13 AM, Anonymous Mimi said...

For those of us in the Northeast to whom epazote is a mystery:

I have found lots of stuff in my microwave, most usually cold tea, once boiled-over fish chowder. Chowder is more Northeastern but way harder to clean up.


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