Sunday, February 19, 2006

soup 'n' salad

With a unifying theme, for dinner on Friday at IRK's. Soup:

Dried porcini mushrooms
Smoked turkey leg
Tomato puree
Black pepper
Fresh taragon

Soak porcinis while dicing carrots, onions, and turkey very finely. Save porcini water for stock. Dice porcini mushrooms finely too. Simmer all ingredients together except taragon and sherry; add them on top of each serving at the end.


Baby greens
Extra arugula
Chopped mint
Chopped chives
English cucumber (with skin) diced
Sugar snap peas (raw)
Red seedless grapes
Smoked duck breast, cubed

Lightly dress with vinaigrette. Irene wanted me to blog this last time; here it is now, at any rate.


At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Mams said...

Very impressed with the selection in your frig. What is this with the smoked poultry? Is that a supermarket option? Do the turkey and duck taste obviously different?

At 9:41 PM, Blogger nightquill said...

In my shtetl, cooking dinner always begins with a trip to the grocery store at 5:30.

Andronico's Yuppie Grocery has free-range smoked poultry. The duck does taste a bit richer somehow than the turkey, which tastes pretty much like ham (in my shtetl we know what ham tastes like). I take the skin and fat off both.


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