Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Toulouse has redeemed itself, foodwise

"So Toulouse has redeemed itself, foodwise?" asked GD toward the end of our trip, and the answer was definitely "Yes." Much of the redemption was accomplished by the superb Emile's (GD, was this in Place Wilson?). Here the cassoulet was savory and addictive without any particular herb being identifiable, and wonderfully crunchy on top. Gotta work on that crunchy aspect when I try this. I still have the can of goose from last time.

Also at Emile's was the Coupe Mousquetaire, prune-and-armagnac ice cream with a plump boozed-up prune on top and an artistic sheet of cookie-stuff sticking up out of it. (I don't think Armagnac was one of the Three Musketeers, but you could look it up). I loved it so much I had it the second time there too rather than try another dessert (bad for the blog, good for the morale). It was completely new to me yet felt like an old friend, which took a while to figure out:
armangac <----> alcohol <----> rum
prune <----> dried purple fruit <----> raisin

But my favorite dish of all was the Provencal prawns at La Cantine du Florida on Place du Capitole, which was one of the restaurants I snubbed without cause last time for being in too obvious a place and therefore probably touristy. Well, if it was touristy I didn't care. I couldn't identify any specific ingredient besides garlic and prawn, but although those things can be delicious it was too stunning not to have some other tricks going on just below the threshold of identification (I think the menu said it was made with pastis, but as I had a glass before the meal no subtle hint of it was going to register). It came with some julienned green beans and other vegetables, and also with a scoop of soft rice with even softer bits of green pepper in it, which was really saturated with green pepper flavor and also very rich and savory (maybe some butter?); anyway, like the prawns and the cassoulet, delicious in a subtle way that is exactly what I'd have no chance of reproducing.

Next time I go to Toulouse, I'll know where to start eating.....


At 7:18 PM, Blogger the grocer's daughter said...

Emile's was at Place George. I still feel bad for my unfinished half of the cassoulet. It was so yummy...

At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Mimi said...

Porthos, Athos, and Aramis -- and D'Artagnan


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