Sunday, September 11, 2005

First Corse

The food experience began in the Nice airport, with pissaladiere sitting under plexiglass at the candy-and-magazines stand. It was delicious, particularly with a bottled "Menthe The Maroc" drink which tasted much better for some reason than its US counterparts even though it was also full of corn syrup and citric acid. Probably just used with more discretion. This used nicoise olives with pits, and did not have the thin layer of tomato paste under the onions (is that an American addition? An addition from Gourmet magazine only?) I haven't seen it here in Bonifacio, either. It had a great deal of rosemary, but perhaps accompanied with a few more subtle herbs as well, I wasn't sure. I never put herbs in mine before, but the rosemary plants around back are gradually taking root and starting to grow...

Pissaladiere is my current favorite food, so it's exciting to be at its epicenter. The local cookies and pastries don't look quite as exciting as those my parents and I had in Sicily, but I will report soon.

The highlight of our first couple of meals in Bonifacio was this galette "la JoJo" from La Portigliola with Corsican sausage, ricotta, gruyere, tomato, and basil. My local Pietra beer was made from chestnuts as well as malt and hops. It tasted like beer. GD's Orangina also came in a logo glass.


At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Mimi said...

Thrilled for your adventure.

What kind of pastry did each pie have: yeast, pie crust, pyllo, puff? Pissaladiere in the old Gourmet Cookbook had a pie crust, but it also had tomato sauce and anchovies so theirs was not from the same shetlel. And what kind of onions?

At 11:20 PM, Blogger nightquill said...

Thin yeast crust; no tomato, but yes anchovies and nicoise olives; finely cut and well caramelized onions (almost onion paste).


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